Sep 22, 2014

Harvest Hare ❤ Зайчиха Энни

This is my new bunny. I named her Annie. She is a harvest hare. She is attached to a wooden stand and has a pumpkin beside her. The doll is 14 1/2" (37 cm) tall.

The PDF Sewing Pattern is now available at my Etsy shop here: click
 Моя новая зайка Энни - кукла примитив на деревянной подставке с тыквой. Рост у зайки 37 см. Продаётся в моём магазинчике на ЯМ здесь: тык


Annie is my favorite name and how perfect for this hare! I love them both my friend. You are coming up with some wonderful designs. I've been working on a bear today. I have him finished now and need to figure out a name! Sweet hugs, Diane

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