Jul 25, 2014

Sea Angels ❤ Морские Ангелы

Meet two sea angels Gretta and Betta. They are friends and they live at the sea-shore. They love picking up sea-shells and stars. Gretta is 60 cm tall and Betta is 38 cm tall. They will make a great decoration for my new living-room that will have a sea style.
Познакомьтесь с подружками морскими ангелами Грэттой и Беттой :) Грэтта ростом 60 см, а Бетта - 38 см. Они живут на берегу моря и обожают собирать ракушки и морские звёзды! Когда ремонт в нашей новой квартире закончится, эти подружки-ангелы украсят наш зал, который будет оформлен в морском стиле. :)


I've been wanted to make a Tilda doll and you know I'm going to want a sea girl of my own now. You must think all I do is copy you! But you come up with the best designs and ideas my friend! These are adorable! I love everything about them! I found a free pattern for the doll. Were the clothes hard to make? Sweet hugs, Diane

Hi Diane! I'm really happy that my creations inspire you! And I don't think that you copy me. I really love your blog and thank you for your comments! Clothes wasn't hard to make. The hardest was to glue those shells to the wire! :))) They didn't want to stick!

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