Jul 8, 2014


Hi! Today I'd like to show one of my latest primitive dolls. This is Thomas the cat. He is 53 cm tall. He is made of grey linen and his clothes is also made of linen. This doll can be a home decor and also a toy for a child. 
Всем привет! Сегодня хочу показать одну из недавних моих куколок примитивов - это кот Томас. Пошился он из серого льна, а костюм из льна с принтом. Рост 53 см. Можно использовать как для украшения интерьера, так и как детскую игрушку.


How cute! I would love to try to make a cat like this one. I'm having fun seeing all the new things you are making! Hugs, Diane

Thank you, Diane! I've e-mailed you a pattern for this cat :)

I'm working on one now! I just need to figure out the little overalls and do his face. I love him! Thanks my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

I can't wait to see your cat! :)

do you have a pattern for sale -such cute cats.

I didn't make this pattern. It's from a craft book that I found in the internet. But I can share it! :)

I've just uploaded the pattern to my Google+ album. Here is the link:


Thank you so much for the link.

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