Oct 17, 2013

Photo Sunday - Beijing Trip

Hi everyone! 
I'm back from my trip to Beijing! 
You probably wondering why my Photo Sunday post is on Thursday... Well, I won't be able to post this Sunday (will be gone to Moscow for 5 days), but I really want to share my pictures from Beijing. :)

The weather there was great the whole time! I really liked the city, it's clean and people are nice and all the direction signs are written in English so it's hard to get lost even if you don't speak Chinese (which I don't). The food and clothing is much cheaper than here in Russia. We've been to few interesting places like the Great Wall, Beijing Zoo, the Temple of Heaven, the main shopping Street - Wangfujing, and Tiananmen Square.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

Tiananmen Square

The Great Wall

Biggest LCD screen in the world at the square called THE PLACE.

At Wangfujing Street - the main shopping street in Beijing.

The guy sells fried insects in the sticks! And some people actually eat them!
(I haven't tried it though! lol)

At Beijing Zoo

The Temple of Heaven

One of the nicest parks I've ever seen!

Hope you liked these pictures! I'll be back from Moscow in a week. I have lots of interesting sewing ideas that I want to post here. I can't wait to do it!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog! Come back again soon!


What cute photos of you my friend. It's nice to get to see you and where you are and what you're doing. What an amazing trip! Love seeing the zoo and that beautiful swan. I'm glad you had a good time. Can't wait to see what you will create next! Do you sew for the holidays? Sweet hugs!

Thank you Diane! Yes, I sew for holidays! I didn't have much time lately for sewing cuz I'm looking for new job, but I made a snowman for Christmas. I'll post it today. :)

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