Oct 3, 2013

Charlotte the Forest Hare - Primitive Doll

Meet my newest creation - Charlotte the Forest Hare!

She lives on the edge of the forest by the big oak. Every day she goes to the meadow to collect berries and herbs for winter.

Charlotte is 20" (51cm) tall. 
I was working on her sewing pattern for couple weeks and now I'm totally satisfied and really like her. I hope you like her too! :)

The PDF E-Pattern with complete instructions will be available soon at my Etsy shop that I'm working on now.

On October 7th I'm going to China for vacation and will be back by the end of the month. I won't be able to write posts while I'm gone, so there won't be any updates for couple weeks. But when I return I plan to open my small E-pattern Etsy shop. :)
I really hope I can get some nice fabrics for my new dolls in China! Very excited about that! :) 

I wish you really nice, sunny, and warm October and lots of inspiration for new creations!
See you in the end of the month!


Enjoy your trip! What a marvelous vacation! I hope you'll take lots of photos to blog when you get back. I love your precious Charlotte! Her little dress and hat are so sweet! I love your beautiful creations! Lots of hugs my friend, Diane

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