Oct 5, 2013

How to Paint Eyes - TUTORIAL

Hi! I decided to write another post before I leave for vacation.
This is a small tutorial on how to paint doll's eyes. 
Hopefully you'll find this useful :)

I drew couple little pictures to explain steps. But first - a list of materials that you'll need:

  • Acrylic paint set (It's better to use textile acrylic paint for this.) You can find all the supplies in any craft store (like Hobby Lobby).
  • Several paint brushes (Use couple very thin ones and a bigger one.)
  • Glass of water
  • Rubber gloves
  • Marking pen/ pencil
  • Palette (for mixing colors) - any plate will work

Put your rubber gloves on :)

1) Draw the eye shape with pen/pencil

2)Paint the white part

3) Paint the iris 
4) Add black pupil

5) Paint lighter spots on the iris
6) Add upper and lower black eyelashes lines
7) Paint the upper eyelid
8) Add pale pink eye corners
9) Add dark shades under the upper eyelid 
(Add lots of water to dilute paint. That makes it half-transparent.)
10) Add dark shades above and under the eye 
(Again add lots of water to dilute paint and get half-transparent color.)
11) Paint couple white dots on the pupil to make light spots


Note: Don't be afraid to mix your colors. Use a plate as a palette for this. You can get lots of different new shades by mixing paints.

You can also add water to your colors to dilute them. That's how you get transparent colors for eye-shadows.


What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Always like to play around with eye shapes... Your Tut was very helpful!
Thanks... really enjoying your Blog as well.

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