Sep 22, 2013


     This is a primitive Night Fairy Cat that I made about a year ago. She holds the moon in her hands and lights the stars in the night sky with her magic wand. 
     This was originally posted in my other blog that was deleted. So I would like to share it with you again. Free pattern is in the end of this post.
Это текстильная кукла примитив Кошка Ночная фея, которую я сделала где-то год назад. Изначально выкройка была в моём старом блоге, который я удалила, и теперь хочу снова поделиться ей в этом блоге :)

     Here is the pattern! :) It is 100% made by me, so if you want to repost it anywhere, please put the link to this post and to my blog.

     From left to right: tail, arm, body, wings, pants (folding line on the right side). Leg is at the bottom.

     There is no dress pattern because it is just a square piece of fabric with 2 holes for arms. Also, the star and the moon are too easy to make, so you don't need pattern for that :)

     And below there is a coat pattern. On the left side there is a folding line for the back part of the coat.
     On the front part of the coat fold the upper corners to make it look like a collar.

     P.S. Web address written on the patterns is for my old blog that does not exist any more.


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